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Energy Efficient Measures to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

Having an energy efficient home or business is the key to operating at an optimal level. It is staggering to see the amount of homes or businesses that are simply throwing away money because they have failed to consider the efficiency of their home.

Would you neglect your car by not getting a tune up or its oil changed on a regular basis? Probably not. So, why neglect your home or business. Getting an assessment from a home energy services company can be an eye opener. These companies will assess your home and show you the best energy efficient measures for your home or business.

The Infiltration and exfiltration of air through the building envelope is one of the main causes of wasted energy in most homes or businesses. The building envelope includes everything that separates the interior and exterior of a building. This includes the windows, walls, foundation, ceiling, roof, and insulation. Common sources of air leakage are cracks and other openings in the envelope, such as windows, doors, skylight seams, dampers, attics, and even around electrical outlets.

Of the energy-efficient measures one can implement, sealing, weather stripping, and insulating are the most important, cost-effective and provide the fastest return on your investment.


Sealing will eliminate the drafts in your home. Sealing around pipes, adding gaskets around electrical sockets, and sealing windows and doors will cut energy loss considerably. Most people don’t realize that air leaks cause as much as a quarter of your home’s heat or cooling through gaps around doors and windows.
Weather stripping

This can be used to seal air leaks in your home or business. Leaks tend to occur around movable joints such as windows and doors. Before applying weather stripping you will need to detect the air leaks and assess your ventilation needs.


Home attic insulation will generally provide a fast return on your initial investment. Be aware, however, that increasing the air tightness of your home or business will impact other aspects in your building, such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and relative humidity levels. In some cases, improving the insulation in the attic of a poorly insulated home will instantly decrease your energy bill by one-third.

Other energy efficient measures to consider

There are also a number of other energy efficient measures that home energy services can provide:

• Radiant Barriers: Works to block the radiant energy from the roof and lower heat gain
• House Wraps: Reduces air infiltration and acts as protection for siding and prevents water penetration.
• Drill and Fills: Adding insulation foam to wall cavities, and other enclosed areas in crawl spaces, additions, and porches
• Fenestration: High performance windows, smart glass, and low emissivity coating reduce heating and cooling costs.
• Draft proofing: Seal windows and doors and prevent air leaks
• Shading: Exterior shading systems such as awnings and shutters

If you are looking for energy efficient measures to improve the efficiency of your home or business, contact a home energy service company and start to save on your energy bill.

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